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Transaction Management

Managing a situation
Transaction Management
"If there is a will, there is a way"

Every transaction is possible.


It just requires creativity and dedication to see it through all the twists and turns.Trailblazing the first of many unique transactions which have formed the basis and scene of Hong Kong's international financial capital markets' offering.


From the first batch of H- share listings  and B- share listings at slaughter and May - to the first launch of derivative warrants, CBBCs, synthetic replicated ETFs and  the first guaranteed fund in the PRC with the world's leading derivative house, Socgen --- to the very first acquisition of a global brokerage house, CLSA by a PRC company  --- to the acquisitions of insurance companies in Asia to help create the first pan Asian insurance group --- to the  acquisition of innovative companies into HKEX's global portfolio.Experience in structuring, managing, negotiating and completing first in kind transactions and securing a plethora of approvals for unique transactions.

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