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Ferheen Mahomed

Out Of Box Solutions

 "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions."

Albert Einstein

​I assist businesses to tackle the challenges of the ever changing business environment from within their own organisations.  I can offer tailored and innovative solutions to the specific businesses needs of my clients by working with their existing staff and, where necessary, interfacing with external service providers.


Some examples of solutions which I offer include:


  • Managing complex mergers and acquisitions transactions.

  • Assisting in corporate/business-line restructuring.

  • Assisting in the establishment and review of risk management systems and procedures.

  • Assisting in the establishment and review of legal and compliance functions.

  • Assisting in the establishment of HR policies such as anti-discrimination and whistle-blowing policies.

  • Assisting in the establishment and review of anti-money laundering policies.

  • Assisting in managing regulatory and commercial risks in new products and services


I have extensive experience in working with businesses and financial institutions in all aspects of their commercial, human resources, legal, compliance, regulatory, risks and products development functions.

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C&TM Limited

Founder & CEO

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Group General Counsel of the Hong Kong Exchange

Pacific Century Group
Executive vice president of business development

CLSA Limited
Group General Counsel

Societe Generale
General Counsel for Asia Pacific

Slaughter & May


Admissions & Qualifications


England & Wales
Hong Kong

Bachelor of Laws

(The University of Hong Kong)

Rhodes scholar, Bachelor of Civil Law

(St John’s College, The University of Oxford, UK)

Committees & Directorships

Asian University for Women Support Foundation

(Hong Kong) Limited

Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Former member of the product advisory committee

Former member of the Asia Pacific legal

and regulatory committee


French Chamber of Commerce

Capital markets committee

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