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Out of Box Solutions

Corporate Solutions and Transaction Management


I am a business and transaction adviser with over 30 years of experience working within businesses and financial institutions.


My experience as General Counsel for HKEX, CLSA and Socgen spanning more than 20 years gives me a unique insight to all aspects of financial services from capital markets transactions, product offerings, global regulatory and compliance issues  to crisis management..

I assist businesses to tackle the challenges of the ever changing business environment from within their own organisations.  I can offer tailored and innovative solutions to the specific businesses needs of my clients by working with their existing staff and, where necessary, interfacing with external service providers.

Through my extensive network of contacts globally both from my general counsel roles and Rhodes Scholar network,  I am able to help clients identify and assemble the right teams of advisers and provide a co-ordinated and targeted execution..

I have extensive experience in working with businesses and financial institutions in all aspects of their commercial, human resources, legal, compliance, regulatory, risks and products development functions.

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Ferheen Mahomed
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